Custom New Homes
At Hylton Builders, we are experts in new home construction. From start to finish, we’ll be there with you to bring your ideas to life. Big, small, or anything in between—we can do it.

Take, for example, this Virginia Beach house. Located at Chick’s Beach, the location was ideal—but not without challenges. For example, the beach—while beautiful—can be a harsh environment, with intense sun on clear days and wind-driven rain during storms. Additionally, the homeowners were worried about tidal flooding, should a hurricane pass nearby. And, of course, the house needed to look good—the homeowners wanted a modern, contemporary beachhouse.

Using our expertise in concrete construction, Hylton Builders created an elevated cement platform for the foundation of the house, preventing flood damage. It also allowed for parking (always difficult, near the beach) under the house, as well as an outdoor shower—the homeowners didn’t want to track sand into the house. We chose strong, weather-resistant materials for the house, shielding the homeowners from the worst that Mother Nature can throw at them: the house is lined in cedar shingles, tough enough to withstand sideways rain, and the windows are storm-grade.

The house itself was built to take advantage of the landscape—views of the beach, yes, but also to incorporate numerous live oak trees dotting the property. Sitting on the balcony, the homeowners can watch the sunset while staying hidden from prying eyes by the trees’ outstretched branches. And even when the beach gets cloudy, the windows and skylights let in plenty of light.

This is just one example of how Hylton Builders can build a home to match your needs—and dreams. Contact us today and see how our expertise can bring your ideas to life.