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Our Company:

Hylton Builders, Inc. represents the combined dream of two brothers, Randy and Matt Hylton. Having previously worked together in construction at an established Hampton Roads firm, the Hyltons decided to start their own, family-owned business in 1996. Beginning with home-renovation projects, like replacing weather-damaged driveways and windows, they soon began to receive larger projects, such as home additions. Thanks to client referrals, our business steadily grew.Indeed, while Hylton Builders, Inc. maintains its home-remodeling business, our equipment, personnel, and logistics capability have expanded greatly, now allowing us to handle nearly any job requirement, residential or commercial. No matter how demanding, we specialize in finding customized solutions for clients’ pressing needs. A new house? A new office? Thanks to our talented team, we can make it happen—on time, on budget. Our very first jobs came from word-of-mouth referrals, and we never forget that. Click the “Contact Us!” button and learn how Hylton Builders can help you.

Our Team Members:
Randy Hylton, President

Randy Hylton is the president and co-founder of Hylton Builders, Inc. When Randy was a young man, studying economics at Old Dominion University, he got a job installing drywall to fund his academic expenses; perhaps his exposure to countless job sites—and even more countless sheets of drywall—influenced his decision to join a prominent Norfolk construction company after graduation. Randy’s job required balancing the books in the corporate office, but he soon found himself gravitating back to job sites. Through hard work and determination, he rose through the ranks, becoming a foreman for the company. Finally, after twenty years, Randy decided to follow his dream of starting his own business. Joining forces with his brother, Matt, Randy founded Hylton Builders, Inc. in 1996.At Hylton Builders, Randy specializes in jobs requiring concrete—especially in commercial, federal, and other government projects. He recently became the first contractor in the world to work with a new, specially-formulated variety of radiation-stopping cement: boron concrete. Randy can be reached at .

Matt Hylton, Vice President

Matt Hylton is vice president and co-founder of Hylton Builders, Inc. Together with his brother, Randy, Matt founded Hylton Builders in 1996. Since then, Matt has primarily managed residential projects, such as new home construction, home additions, and remodeling work. Once, he even built a custom outdoor pizza oven for a client, which required spending a large amount of time inside the oven. (The end result was beautiful—and delicious.)Matt has worked with numerous clients to help them visualize—and then build—their dream home. Photos of a modern-style beach house he built from the ground up can be seen here . Additional projects are currently underway throughout Hampton Roads.When not building homes, Matt is an outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys surfing, rock climbing, cycling, and skateboarding, which came in handy when Hylton Builders was commissioned to build a skateboarding “vert” ramp.

Matt can be reached regarding residential projects at .

Patricia Hylton, Office Manager

Patricia Hylton (“Trish”) is the office manager of Hylton Builders; she’s our resident organizational genius. By dint of her position, Trish must keep her finger on the pulse of all the projects at Hylton Builders—and she does it brilliantly. Trish joined Hylton Builders three years ago, after several years of office experience with other companies. Needless to say, we’re lucky to have her.

In her spare time, when she’s not helping coordinate business activities, Trish enjoys visiting the beach, the Shenandoah Mountains, and other outdoor destinations.

Trish can be reached for general office inquiries at .

Justin Carraway, Superintendent

Justin Carraway, Hylton Builders’ superintendent, joined the company in 2001. A veteran of the United States Army, Justin works primarily on the residential side of Hylton Builders’ business, handling home remodels, additions, and new construction; however, as superintendent, he is eager and willing to jump into any project, as when he donned a pair of hip-waders and helped construct a section of seawall at the Norfolk International Terminals.

Justin can be reached at .

Kevin Cheely, Foreman

Kevin Cheely joined Hylton Builders in April 2013. He works mainly on the concrete side of the business, constructing concrete pads, box culverts, and flatwork.

Eric Knudsen, Foreman

Eric Knudsen joined Hylton Builders in October 2009. Eric can usually be found working at one of our residential projects—although, like the rest of the Hylton team, he stands ready and able to help out with anything.

Patton Thomas, Foreman

Pattton Thomas came to Hytlon Builders in October 2007; aside from taking a brief sabbatical in from March 2014 to Jan 2015, he’s been with us ever since. Patton is another of our concrete experts, often working with government and commercial projects.

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